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Important INFO OMNIMET MHT 8.0


Compatible with Windows 7 and 10*

Compatible with both MIL 9 and 10*

* MIL is required for automatic indent readout and is strongly recommended.

* On Windows 10 only MIL 10 is compatible.

* On Windows 7, both MIL 9 and MIL 10 is compatible


You can create custom reports using the Office (for Windows) applications, including:

* Excel Reports

* Word Reports

* Access Reports (requires 32-bit version of Office)

We are not able to test all possible combinations off version (2007, 2011, 2016), language, 32-bit and 64-bit and package (On-premises or Office 365), however we have found that most, if not all versions work. To be on the safe side avoid 2019, since we have not verified it yet.


Observe, if to create reports using Access, you must have the 32-bit version of Office installed.


You need a license to use this software. Please use the Activate License tool to find out the validity and creation date of your existing License.


Before upgrade, you must uninstall earlier versions of Omnimet MHT. Vital information such as calibrations and license info will not be deleted when uninstalling.

You need to install parts of the MIL software manually on top of the above installation.

For MIL 9, You need to install a Rainbow Sentinel SuperPro Driver (a driver for the MIL Dongle) tha can be found at

For MIL 10, You need to install Wibu CodeMeter Runtime software (a software to make the WiBu licensing mechanism to work), that can be found at

If you have a IDS camera, you need to install the IDS Software found at IDS-Imaging, that can be found at

This is installer is not digitally signed, which means you might receive warning about "unknown publisher", you need to accept this in order to install.

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