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Important INFO PICSARA 2022


Compatible with Windows 10 only 

Compatible with MIL10, MIL is only required if you have the Scrip Engine Module (or Enterprise version)

System requirements

Please read the article about system requirements


You need a license issued 1/2-2021 or later in order to use this software.
Please use the link to the right to find out the issue date of your License.


Before upgrade, we recommend to uninstall earlier versions of Picsara. Vital information such as calibrations and license info will not be deleted when uninstalling.

MIL 10 and necessary drivers are automatically installed with the software​

If you have a IDS camera, you need to install the IDS Driver found at IDS-Imaging We strongly recommend to use version 4.94.x
Do NOT use 4.95.x since its has been proven non compatible.

If you have a Allied Vision camera, you need to install the Allied Vision Vimba Driver found at Allied Vision.

For any other camera, make sure there is a DirectShow driver available, and install it prior to running Picsara/Omnimet

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