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Pixara 2022

This is one of our most ambitious upgrades in many years:

Introduces support for a Allied Vision High Quality cameras

User interface and technology resembles IDS-uEye Native support introduced in Pixara 2020 
This gives features such as as spot-measuring, fine-adjustment of auto exposure and auto white balance, configurable frame rate and much more.

Complete rework of all graphics

We have rewritten all graphics used in all interactive tools, annotation, overlays etc.

The graphics is now based on top modern GPU supported Direct2D graphics, which gives you:

  • Flicker free movement of lines etc

  • Non-jagged lines

  • Ultra fast drawing (especially when having a GPU)

  • Added good looking adorners/handles to all movable measurement and annotations 

  • Support for measurement on very large images and ultra high res monitors


In short, It's a completely different experience and looks so much better!   













Magnifying glass that now magnifies both the image and the actual measurements

Now get into the details and create high precision measurements

And much more...​
  • Improved Montage function, that now support larger images

  • Improved annotation and drawing tool behavior

  • Improved mouse handling with flicker free cursor support.

  • Improved memory management for better performance and support for larger images.

  • Several improvements around SQL and Cloud/Azure hosted SQL Databases

  • Added support for newer Tango Stage Controller

  • Fixed over 60 reported bugs

New graphics.png
Magnifying glas.png
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