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Release History

2022 (12.3 build 5114)
March 21, 2023
  • Added possability to save and restore personal camera default settings

  • Improved default toolbar layout (first time)

  • Camera Settings dialog position is now rembered between sessions

  • Windows that are saved outside visible are (perhaps after changing screen resolution) is now displayed in a visible position.

2022 (12.3 build 5113)
March 18, 2023
  • Removed Old GDI Drawing Mode since it has now been fully replaced by Direct 2D Mode

  • Improved presentation of Angle result for small angled measurements

  • Now possible to add images of different size to montage window (Making it possible to build a very large montage of montage images)

  • Fixed bug: in Camera Settings, RGB Gain values now updated when pressing Default 

2022 (12.3 build 5112)
March 9, 2023
  • Added “Pixel Clock Limiter” for IDS uEye Native
    This should make it possible to connect old IDS USB cameras in Native mode. 

  • Added warning if using to high Pixel Clock with IDS USB-2 cameras.

  • Added support Allied Cameras Mono cameras

  • Stability and performance fixes for Allied Cameras

  • Fixed bandwith Limit Settings for Allied not remembered between sessions.

  • GUI Improvements for Allied Vison Settings

  • Improved Missing frame counter for IDS Native 

  • Fixed issue not possible to drag image into Case after using Annotation.

  • Fixed issue not being able to assign database forms to departments

  • Improved logging

2022 (12.2 build 5108)
December 25, 2022
  • Now possible to set processing mode for Allied cameras
    (On camera, On Host or Mono)
    This change should make it possible to use higer refreshrate for Allied cameras weaker computers.

  • Added support for Allied U500 Color cameras (and many more)

  • Added Bandwith Limiter for Allied cameras

2022 (12.2)
August 10, 2022
  • Added new function "Camera Health" to get a in depth analysis of camera and computer performance, issus and bottlenecs. Implemented for IDS Native and Allied Vision cameras (Not Direct Show)

  • Added Device Link Limiter for Allied cameras

  • GUI Improvments for the grids

  • Several other minor GUI improvments

  • Several SQL database related improvments and bug fixes

  • Improved performance for Blob measurements

  • Added Link

  • Fixed bug when doing calibratations on a panned image

  • Fixed bug with Scale bar tool

  • Fixed crash bug when using Create database for non-english versions

  • Fixed bug with Radius tool

  • Fixed bug when loading some images with odd width

  • Fixed bug with Angle (parallel lines) tool

  • Fixed color issue for Alllied cameras

  • Fixed design for login dialog

  • Fixed memory leaks and other "rare" crash bugs

  • Error mamagement Improvmens to Excel reports

  • Optimization for the Script Builder

2022 (12.1)
March 23, 2022
  • Added support for Allied Vision Alvium camera range

  • Now possible to measure with magnifyer glass by pressing Shift while doing measurement

  • Fixed Memory leaks for the Montage Window, now possible to work with more images.

  • Improved Auto place and Auto burn in scale bar

  • Now possible to use very long passwords

  • Added waring message is using IDS Driver 4.95 (or newer)

  • Measurements settings now accesible from popup menu

  • Removed Retina function  (remenants from Medical version)

  • Removed "Boxy" grid (not used)

  • New Splash Screen 

  • Improved error management in the compare windows 

  • Improvments in the Count dialog

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