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Ease of use

Rebuilt from scratch

We took our 25 years of knowledge about image analysis and the typical image analysis users, and rebuilt a totally new software. Being able to use the latest technology, it just doesn't look modern, it is completely modern.

Image Analysis software can either be software that are extremely flexible and complex, and by that extremely difficult to learn. Alternatively it's a software target towards a specific need and by that being a lot easier. With Pixelina we opted to build a software for the most common microscopy applications, aimed for the "normal user" without a Master Degree in Image Analysis or Mathematics. Our philosophy is that anyone should be able to install, configure and use the software, without special training, and still being able to solve the 80% of all imaging applications. We are pretty sure we have reached that goal!


With that being said, we know this software can not be used for odd or the most advanced applications. It's was simply not the goal when designing the software. May we suggest you take a look at Pixara if you believe this is what you are looking for.


This software is made for standard microscopy applications. For example the camera settings are optimized for microscopy, so is calibration process and the user interface. Gone are all these features you never need for your standard microscopy application.


The user interface is extremely pleasant to work with, all common features are accessible from the Ribbon menu system. Gone are hundreds of menus hidden in a deep menu system... We can pretty much assure you that 90% of the functions you will ever use is found in the main "Start" tab, so say goodbye to the menu hunt!



Pixelina is downloaded and installed from our homepage, with basically one click. There is no need for Administrator passwords and the software will guide you though the configuration process, assisting you with configure the camera, do the calibration and activate your license.

When a new release is available, the system will ask if you want to update, and again that can be done in seconds without Administrator password. Managing this software will be so simple!

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