MSI OR Click-Once

Pixelina can be downloaded as either a Click-once or traditional MSI installer. Here are the differences:


   + Does NOT require Administrator rights to install or upgrade.

   + Supports automatic upgrade when new version is available.

    - Mainly recommended for personal install only, only available for one Windows users. (See below)


   + Accessible for all Windows users on the computer.

   + All users shares the same calibration settings

    - Requires Administrator rights to install and upgrade.

    - No automatic upgrade when new version is available.

Personal installation means the software is installed for one windows user (you) only, and this is why it can be installed without Administrator password. In some organisations, where requesting Administrator rights is very cumbersome or difficult, this is an very interesting option, and our recommended way of installing.

If you have more than one user that needs access to Pixelina, each user can install and maintain their own versions of Pixelina. However, this becomes unpractical if more than a few users.

Shared settings means all users shares the same calibration (and other important settings such as license, camera setup etc)

If you opt for installing Pixelina using Click-Once technology in combination with multiple users, you can still opt for shared settings. This however requires that you enable shared setting mode, which in turn requires that you are local Administrator at one occasion.

Change of installer method

If you opt for Click-once, and you want to change method at a later point, you can always do this without requesting a new license. You might however need to re-calibrate your system.