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Capture MODULE

Configure one or MULTIPLE MICROSCOPES/cameras

Configure one or more Input Devices, where each input device typically corresponds to a microscope with a video camera. Add magnifications and calibrate each magnification. 


You can easily connect both you conventional microscope and a stereo microscope to the same system.

Here is a short video that demonstrate how easy you can connect a microscope and a camera to the system.


Calibrate each magnification and let all users share the same calibrations.

In case you want to protect your calibration form changes, you can password protect this setting.

Native Support for IDS/Ueye cameras

Picsara works with all IDS-Imaging/uEye cameras, and these are the cameras we recommend. The software is specially written for these cameras and are truly easy to use.

Support for ANY Direct Show compatible camera

You can also add any Direct Show compatible camera to the systems. Most high quality cameras supports Direct Show. In this mode the functionality is depending on the quality and functionality of the Direct Show driver, but in general it works fine.

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