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This software is intented with focus on for visual inspection, images sharing to your customer and image storage or achiving.

The software is designed to be used in both Life Science applications and Metalurgical applications.

Despite beeing our entry level software, it offers a wide varriety of tools making it the best image documentation for microscopy on the market.

CAPTURE using proffesional cameras

Capture video from a variarity of cameras. The software has been optimized for use with microscopy, which makes it super easy to use, and allows you to get great and well exposed images very quickly with beeing a camera expert. 

With native support for Allied Vision and IDS Imaging (uEye) cameras, usage is very simply. But alot of other cameras are supported to.

CalibratE Multiple microscopes 

Do you have both a stereo microscop and a light microscope? Calibrate each microscope and magnifications individually. All images you take will have the calibration and objective name, along with date, place, users etc, stored into the image file for all future.


Archive images and create ReporTs

Archive your images as a files, or if you have large quantities of images, in the database. If using the database, group images together into a case, add your meta data, such as batch no, customer or material, to the case for easy retrival later. The images are of course stored with the calibration, making it possible measure at a later time. You can even allow your team or customer to access the image archive from any PC with free Picsara Viewer software. The database supports SQL and SQL Azure for secure and limitless storage.

Create stunning reports with ease, either by simply "copy-paste" you images to Word document, or use one of the reporting tools to create stunning and repetetiv reports.

Load images from other sources, such as from your elecron microscope or digital camera, and add them to you database or reports as well, keeping all you images at one place.



Add annotations such as text or arrows  into your image to highlight important features. 
Add scale bars to show the size of the image.

Choose to have the annotation non-destructive "on top" of the image or burnt into the actual image, so it can be seen in other softwares.


Interactive measurEments

Perform simple measurments such as Length/Width/Distance, Area or the outline of an object, in a calibrated fashion. Use magnifyer glas to zoom into small objects, or use the scroll wheel to change to size of the whole image.

Compare images

Use the comparison tool to compare images side by side. Compare images from diffrent samples, or store your comparison set for future comparison with live image.

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