Pixelina is our easy-to-use software focusing on Image Documentation and standardized Image Analysis applications. Rather than being a complete tool box, this software aims to solve common, standardized and repetitive tasks often found in the microscopy applications.

If you look for a generic software, you should have a look at Pixsara instead.



Pixsara (Formerly known as Picsara Industrial) is our modular based, versatile software, that can be used to solve virtually any Image Analysis task.  

Since this software aims to solve any Image Analysis problem, it's also a more advanced software compared to Pixelina. Still it's easy to use.


Omnimet MHT

Omnimet MHT is a vendor neutral Hardness testing software for dead-weight hardness testing. It support a variety of micro- and macro- hardness tester, and can be fitted to anything to manual to fully automatic testers, with or without motorized stage, motorized focus and motorized turret.