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About US

Bildanalyssystem AB is a Swedish Software Development Company, situated in the beautiful city of Stockholm. We have been in the Image Analysis business since 1988 and has been selling our software successfully on the global market ever since.

We work with partners to help our customers solving their complete need for analysis, including sample preparation, microscopes, cameras and local training, Together we can deliver complete turn-key working material labs and solutions.

Contact US

Always feel free to contact us with your questions, we are the happy company that enjoy speaking with fellow people.

Telephone:  +46 706 29 22 73



Cervins väg 56B

163 41 Spånga


Old Globe

Ever since we started developing software we have relied on partners to reach out globally and give local support.

Our most important partner is Buehler Ltd, with main office is Chicago and a global network of offices and redistribution partners throughout the rest of the world, including US, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

On our home turf, we work tightly with the very knowledgeable company Mikron AB. With Mikron we reach most of Sweden's great, if not world class, array of metallurgical companies, ranging from mining industry to high-end producers of quality steel, to cars, trucks, air-planes and and much more.

Don't hesitate to contact our partners to learn more about our offering.



Reach out to one of our partners.
The are happy to demonstrate our software and give local support.

North America, South America, Asia and Afrika

Buehler Ltd


UK and Irland


Germany and rest of Europe

Buehler Gmbh


Mikron AB

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