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Analysis Bundle


The Anlysis Bundle is easy-to-use image analysis software, combined with all the features in the Capture & report software.

It is aimed towards labs that require a high level of tracability or in some way need to process or store the meaurement reuslts in either a report or the database.

More analysis tools

In the Analyis Bundle there are more tool included, such as tool for measuring coating thickness, distance, angles, radius oand other typical features often find in machined tools etc.

Work with your data

Analyze the data in the result window, save the results with the images into the databse (for tracability) or create reports with both your images and results. Alternatively save your data into csv or Excel format, and futher analyze your data i external tools.

Statistical analysis

Compute statistics such as min, max, average and standard deviation. Create trend or classification graphs or crunch your number in diffrent ways, for example compare diffrent samples or fields ov views. If the built in tools does not meet your requirment, export to Excel and see limitless posabilities.

Work Side-by-side with Excel

This unique feature lets you measure in the image, while automatically sending the last measurment to the current cell in Excel. Either populate an empty Spreadsheet or fill out the blanks in your premade template report.

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