Pixelina is a modular based, easy-to-use Image Capture and Image  Analysis software. It's intended for the user that values simplicity, have simpler measurement demands or want to measure according to any of the build in standards.

Ease of use

So everyone's claiming they have a software that is easy to use! We took 25 years of experience and created a new software from scratch. With knowledge of what is important and and what is not, with modern GUI technology and and with ease-of use-as our main focus, we actually can claim we have developed a software that is easy to use! 


Capture with ease from any type of microscope with any IDS uEye camera. Pixelina is optimized for microscopy and will automatically give you the best image quality with virtually no manual fiddling...

Save and arrange your images into the built in File Explorer using simple drag-and-drop.  

Interactive Measurements

Measure calibrated interactive measurements such as length, width, thickness, area, radius and angle. 

Switch easily between multiple calibrated lenses